Minimal Intervention
Maximum Attention


Great wines come from great grapes, and great grapes come from carefully cultivated vineyards. 

Our viticultural team works tirelessly to make sure that our vineyards are producing the best grapes they can – rain, hail or, as we have plenty of in Portugal, shine! 

Following organic, sustainable and regenerative principles to ensure we have healthy soils, positive organic matter and a disease-free environment, our vines are lovingly nurtured to deliver their best fruit year after year.

With quality grapes our aim is to produce elegant, fruit-forward wines that respect varietal characteristics and show a true sense of place. Our philosophy of ‘Minimal Intervention & Maximum Attention’ is core to us being able to craft interesting & stylish wines year on year. 

vintage 2022

Ode’s 2022 vintage was a thorough exercise in providing all the care and attention we strive for, and the vineyards needed, after a very hot summer.

Harvested in mid-August, when the grapes had achieved their ideal ripeness, sugar and acidity levels, we were able to take advantage of the best our vineyards had to offer.

The successful harvest has turned into white wines with excellent freshness and red wines that are well structured, subtle and savoury. 

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