About us

Ode Winery and Ode Farm & Living are two special projects born and raised by Immerso Collective.

Immerso Collective is a forward thinking, dynamic real estate development company with a focus on sustainability without compromise to quality and luxury.

With over thirty years of experience in the Asian and Australian markets, we now settle in Portugal to utilise all that the country has to offer in terms of location, access to high quality infrastructure, and tourism.

Our new and exciting real estate projects service a wide range of needs, from commercial and residential properties to tourism focused offerings, all while delivering on the high-quality standards of luxury and comfort that we have become known for.

Our team

David Clarkin

What David doesn’t know about property development can be written on, well, something small. Something really really small.

When David first looked at the property, he understood the potential far beyond farming and winemaking. Bringing his development experience to the table, he saw what others had missed – a property that has the potential to be one of Portugal’s premier resort destinations.

Since that time, David has changed his job title from Property Developer to Farmer and can often be seen wandering around the farm, wondering when it will rain or complaining about it being too wet.

Andrew Homan

A lawyer by trade, but no longer by practice, Andrew enjoys spending his days searching for the inflection point between working as little as possible and achieving the maximum reward.  He wrongly assumed a winery and farm would meet this objective. 

Instinct, impulse and an obscene amount of good luck have served Andrew well up to now. 

With his luck carrying through to moving to Portugal and helping to build the Immerso and Ode teams, Andrew has been known to try to apply jurisprudence principles to the making of wine – only to receive a rather stern “no”.

His goal of working as little as possible has been put on the back burner for now.

Ana Araujo
Chief Operating Officer

“Tiger Mum” are two words that could be used to describe Ana. “Detail oriented” are two others. We prefer “Tiger Mum” or just plain ol’ “Mum”.

Fresh from running weapons systems programmes for the Brazilian Government, Ana decided she needed a more challenging use for her degrees in Physics, post-graduate in marketing and her MBA, so she moved to Portugal and promptly found us. What could go wrong.

Ana runs our company with military precision, and we salute her efforts as she fights our battles and takes us one step closer to victory.

Maria Vicente
Winemaker Extraordinaire

When you first meet Maria Vicente, an Alentejo native, it is hard to believe she already has 20 vintages under belt. 2022 marks her 17th vintage in the Tejo region. 

A skilled winemaker with a wealth of oenological experience and a deep-rooted knowledge of the region and its most suitable varieties, Maria is responsible for the ‘magic’ in the winery at Ode. 

Her passion for wine does not stop here. She is also an enthusiastic, certified educator of Madeira and Port wines, a WSET Teacher and an accomplished wine judge at regional and international competitions.

When not graciously imparting her wine knowledge, Maria enjoys spending time in the lagares, whether full of grapes or not, and is known to spill the occasional glass of wine.

Jim Cawood
Director of Wine and Good Times

Not obsessive or particular about too many things, the one thing Jim Cawood is serious about is wine. 

An Aussie with more than 30 years of experience on all sides of the wine business – as a Sommelier, importer and distributor, wine retailer, a restaurateur, and also making wine in Spain – Jim (literally) has wine in his veins. 

Through his love of wine, Jim has worked all around the world and has now made Portugal his home. 

Look for Jim in our cellar door, tasting rooms, winery restaurant or hiding away behind one of our French oak casks with a Wine Thief pipette and glass of wine in hand.

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